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projects, lake management and education/volunteer activities that Staff completed or <br />collaborated on in 2018. Perrine touched on a few of these projects including; irrigation <br />audits, Legacy Park conservation turf, South Creek restoration at Golden Pond, Lee Lake <br />pond retrofit and Conservation Corps Crew labor. <br />Steve McComas from Blue Water Science provided an overview of how he works with City <br />staff to protect the quality of water in Lakeville lakes. Mr. McComas shared a water quality <br />report for area lakes including; Marion, Orchard, Lee and East. These lakes are currently <br />unimpaired and meet the minimum standards for clarity and plant population. He touched <br />on various environmental factors that can impact the quality of the lakes such as aquatic <br />invasive species, fish populations and agricultural. <br />Is Staff aware of significant fish kill as a result of this winter's extreme temperatures? Staff <br />stated that it's too soon to determine but this will be monitored in the coming weeks. <br />How does the increased usage of road and sidewalk salt impact the ground water? <br />Unfortunately, increased amounts of salt have been found in local lakes over the years. <br />Once in the water, salt is costly to remove and educating homeowners, road crews and <br />business owners on how to effectively use ice melting products is a continued effort by <br />Environmental Resources Staff. <br />There were no citizens present and the Storm Water Pollution Prevention Program Public <br />Meeting was closed at 6:51 p.m. <br />4. Staff Report: <br />Staff will provide at Staff Report at the next meeting. <br />5. Announcements: <br />The next PRNRC meeting is set for April 17. <br />6. Adjourn: <br />Meeting adjourned at 6:55 p.m. <br />Respectfully submitted, <br />Stella Eskelson, Recording Secretary <br />