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CITY OF LAKEVILLE <br />CITY COUNCIL WORK SESSION MINUTES <br />January 7, 2019 <br />Mayor Anderson called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m. in the Lake Marion Conference Room. <br />Members present: Mayor Anderson, Council Members Hellier and Wheeler, Council Members -elect <br />Volk and Lee <br />Staff present: Justin Miller, City Administrator; John Hennen, Parks & Recreation Director; Jerilyn <br />Erickson, Finance Director; Allyn Kuennen, Assistant City Administrator; Charlene Friedges, City <br />Clerk <br />Don Lifto of Springsted Incorporated presented the results of a scientific random -sample survey of the <br />City's registered voters to gauge the community's support for a variety of potential improvements to <br />the City's parks and recreation facilities and to measure reaction to a potential referendum to pay for <br />such improvements. The survey included a random sample of 400 registered voters. The <br />approximate margin of error is plus/minus 4.9%. The main body of the survey was split into four <br />sections, corresponding to four locations where the City is considering making improvements to its <br />parks and recreation facilities. They include Antlers Park, Avonlea (proposed development near <br />Cedar and Dodd), East Lake Community Park and Ames Arena. Mr. Lifto briefly outlined the <br />responses and level of support expressed for the potential improvements. <br />Mr. Lifto stated the survey also included questions regarding the possibility of constructing a sports <br />dome either at the Avonlea location or Hasse Arena. Participants were asked for their reaction to <br />three potential property tax impacts that might arise from the improvement projects ($50, $75 or $100 <br />per year on a home valued at $300,000). The survey showed good support for tax impacts of $50 to <br />$75. Council members discussed support among active voters versus support from frequent park <br />users. If a bond referendum is proposed, Mr. Lifto recommend a tax not to exceed $85. <br />The City Council will continue discussion of the survey results at its January 28`'' work session. The <br />Parks & Recreation Director will provide various scenarios for potential improvements and the <br />corresponding tax impacts for Council consideration. <br />The meeting adjourned at 6:47 p.m. <br />Resp tfully submitte <br />Resp <br />Friedges, City Cle� <br />�j <br />Douglas P. Anderson, Mayor <br />