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CITY OF LAKEVILLE <br />CITY COUNCIL WORK SESSION MINUTES <br />May 28, 2019 <br />1. Mayor Anderson called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m. in the Marion Conference Room. <br />Members present: Mayor Anderson, Council Members Hellier, Lee (arrived at 6:18 p.m.), <br />Volk, and Wheeler <br />Members absent: None <br />Staff present: Justin Miller, City Administrator; Allyn Kuennen, Assistant City Administrator; <br />Dave Olson, Community & Economic Development Director; Paul Oehme, Public Works <br />Director; Jerilyn Erickson, Finance Director; Jeff Long, Police Chief, John Kornmann, Deputy <br />Police Chief, Zach Johnson, City Engineer; Tamara Wallace, Deputy Clerk <br />2. Citizen Comments <br />There were no citizen comments regarding non -agenda items. <br />3. Airlake Airport Orderly Annexation Agreement <br />Staff is proposing the implementation of an Orderly Annexation Agreement with Eureka <br />Township for 118 acres of Airlake Airport property currently located in the township. The <br />proposed agreement/ resolution would apply to the portion of Airlake Airport between Highview <br />and Cedar Avenue, north of 2251 Street; and would total approximately 176.89 acres of land. <br />Both the Eureka Township Board and the Metropolitan Airports Commission (MAC) have <br />recently discussed the item, and each feel it would be in the best interest of all parties to proceed <br />forward with an agreement and resolution. MAC has agreed to reimburse the City and Township <br />for any legal fees associated with the preparation/ review of an Orderly Annexation Agreement <br />and is finalizing the extension of water/ sewer services to both the North and South Runway area. <br />Michael Wilson and Gary Schmidt from the MAC attended the work session meeting to answer <br />questions. <br />The Council discussed the proposed agreement and clarified the previous annexation process, <br />location of the water/ sewer extension in Airlake, applicable property tax revenue, who would be <br />responsible for improvements to 225`h Street, potential increased traffic to the airport, and <br />whether any additional land was needed to complete the proposed projects. The Council directed <br />staff to move forward with next steps to implement the annexation agreement. <br />