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CITY OF LAKEVILLE <br />CITY COUNCIL RETREAT MINUTES <br />June 15, 2019 <br />1. Mayor Anderson called the meeting to order at 8:00 a.m. in the Marion Conference Room. <br />Members present: Mayor Anderson, Council Members Hellier, Volk, and Lee <br />Members absent: Council Member Wheeler <br />Staff present: Justin Miller, City Administrator; Allyn Kuennen, Assistant City Administrator <br />2. Agenda Review/ Council Items of Interest <br />3. 2019 Goals Status Report <br />Miller reviewed the status of the City Council goals for 2019. Discussion on specific items <br />included: <br />a) Future of the DLBA - Council discussed the current funding structure of the DLBA and <br />asked that the council reps and staff who attend DLBA meetings report back after the next <br />DLBA meeting. Council also explored the idea of the Convention and Visitors Bureau <br />assuming management of the operation. <br />b) Body Cameras - Council asked that staff report back to the council 30 days after <br />implementation to show how processes are working. <br />c) Building Requirements - Council asked staff to continue towards the plan of bringing this <br />item to a future city council work session for discussion. Included in this discussion <br />should be a report of how CDBG funds are being utilized for home repair services and <br />options for HOA storm shelter areas, as opposed to unit -specific shelters. Council also <br />discussed ways to market the city's naturally occurring affordable housing. <br />d) Next Steps for Tech Taskforce - the Council indicated their support for this group to <br />continue looking at big picture items as well as electric vehicle infrastructure. <br />e) Single Family Homes Incentives - Council discussed various options and directed staff to <br />continue this discussion as part of the "Building Requirements" work session discussion. <br />f) Wellness Initiatives - Council directed this discussion to fall under the auspices of the <br />Parks, Recreation and Natural Resources Committee. <br />g) Workforce Development - Council indicated a willingness to continue discussions with <br />all school districts and the Chamber of Commerce, as well as asking the EDC to add this <br />to their future discussions. <br />h) Comparable Cities - Council directed staff to continue building out this list. Discussion <br />also centered around the "feel" of Lakeville compared to the other cities on this list. <br />