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CITY OF LAKEVILLE <br />CITY COUNCIL WORK SESSION MINUTES <br />July 22, 2019 <br />1. Mayor Anderson called the meeting to order at 6:01 p.m. in the Marion Conference Room. <br />Members present: Mayor Anderson, Council Members Hellier, Lee, Volk, and <br />Wheeler (arrived at 6:10 p.m.) <br />Members absent: None <br />Staff present: Justin Miller, City Administrator; Allyn Kuennen, Assistant City Administrator; <br />Paul Oehme, Public Works Director; Zach Johnson, City Engineer; Jerilyn Erickson, Finance <br />Director; John Hennen, Parks & Recreation Director; Tamara Wallace, Deputy Clerk <br />2. Citizen Comments <br />There were no citizen comments regarding non -agenda items. <br />3. Transportation Update <br />Mr. Oehme gave a transportation update on the following construction projects: Phase 1 of the <br />County Road 50 roundabout which opened on time - currently working on phase 2, Dodd & <br />Flagstaff roundabout, traffic signal at Dodd & Glacier Way, the County Road 9 Corridor Study, <br />miscellaneous roadway projects, 2019 Street Reconstruction, Hamburg Avenue, the upcoming <br />2020 Street Reconstruction, and the County Road 70 project. <br />4. CIP - Transportation, Utilities, Parks & Recreation, and Environmental Resources <br />Ms. Erickson outlined the focus of this work session meeting which concentrated on the <br />transportation, utility, parks and recreation, and environmental resources components of the <br />Capital Improvement Plan (CIP). Each report included project descriptions, locations, revenues <br />and expenditures, but did not yet include the financial impact on the levy or debt balances. The <br />overall proposed costs of the projects are approximately $150,000,000. <br />The Council reviewed the projects staff felt should be included in the upcoming CIP, and <br />discussed: the three major park projects (Avonlea, Antlers, and East Community Parks), the park <br />dedication fund balance, an outdoor performance stage, future parkland acquisitions, Municipal <br />State Aid (MSA) for trail improvement projects, streets Overall Condition Index (OCI), the <br />identification of development -driven projects, watermain extensions, improvements to the water <br />tower logo, and lake management. <br />